BEST sling for Marlin XT-22

The Marlin XT-22 is a popular and versatile rifle that is suitable for target shooting, hunting, and plinking. It is lightweight and easy to carry in the field, making it an ideal choice for many shooters. When choosing a sling for your Marlin XT-22, it is important to consider the type of activity you will be using it for, as well as the comfort and stability of the sling. A good sling should be adjustable, durable, and comfortable, so you can keep your rifle secure and ready for use. With so many different types of slings on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your Marlin XT-22. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of slings available, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, so you can find the best sling for your Marlin XT-22.

Top 10 Best sling for Marlin XT-22 [Editor Picks]


Product Features:

  • Provides an industry standard 1 '' tactical rail for attaching accessories such as shop windows, sights, optics, flashlights, scope rings, etc.
  • Complete with screws and allen key for assembly.
  • Marlin 9, 45, 30AS, 30AW, 36, 62, 93, 336,336C, 375 & 444,1993,1894, 1895 Cowboy, Glenfield 30, Zane Gray & Camp-9 Carbine Marlin 922M & 989, Mossberg 640, Western Field 740
  • Easy to install, it lines up with the holes in your rifle, if you don't have the pre-drilled holes you will have to make your rifle twist.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy bracket with a black anodized finish


Product Features:

  • Picatinny/Weaver rail mount built specifically for Marlin 336/1894/1895 Series lever action rifles
  • Scope mount installs directly to receiver via the factory mounting holes and included set screws with no additional hardware required
  • Allows for the mounting of Picatinny or Weaver standard scope rings, scope mounts, red dots, or other optics
  • Available in two styles - a 0 MOA mount for zeroing your scope at short to mid range distances and a 20 MOA mount for zeroing your scope at long distances
  • All Monstrum scope mounts and accessories come with a lifetime guarantee


Product Features:

  • Color: Black. The Two points sling is constructed with superior quality Nylon material.
  • Upgraded larger metal hooks make the sling fit the rifle well.
  • The rope of the sling is adjustable, so it will be suitable for everyone.
  • With adjustment thumb loop and high density cord, the sling can be easily adjusted.
  • Long adjustable strap creates wide length variability for the two points sling.


Product Features:

  • ✌ Precision Material - Premium out of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and black hard coat anodize finish, sturdy & durable.
  • ✌ Convert 11mm Dovetail to 21mm Picatinny Rail - 2.94 inches length at the base, the picatinny rail extends 3.94 inches allowing for more flexible optics placement.
  • ✌ Mount Base - Fit 11mm dovetail mounts, Base mount 3/8" to 7/8" converter adapter. Low profile 0.59" riser rail for scope.
  • ✌ Top With 9 Slots Weaver Style Rail - Top 21mm picatinny rail allows for the mounting of picatinny or weaver standard scopes, red dots or other accessories.
  • ✌ Easy To Install - Rail adaptor installs easily via dovetail mount and one vertical stop pin, attached allen wrench can help you to tight stable and no shaking!


Product Features:

  • Ergonomic form factor provides superior comfort, speed and design!
  • Hilljak Quickie Loader makes it easier to load - Get Loaded Quicker!
  • Fits Ruger LCP II 22LR, Marlin 795, 795SS, XT-22 and model 70 factory magazines only
  • Made in USA of durable 3D printed polymer plastic


Product Features:

  • Genuine Russian made sling
  • Comes with 1 hook, compatible with most guns
  • Can have oxidation on metal parts from long term storage!


Product Features:

  • Shoulder padding to distribute the weight of your gun and relieve pressure on the shoulders
  • Premium Quality, Heavy duty chafe resistant nylon webbing and durable high impact polymer composite parts guarantees years of reliable performance
  • Sling swivel fits slings up to 1.25" wide and provides secure locking for safety. Very easy to operate. Swivels tested to 300 pounds
  • Perfect Size - Expandable adjusts up to 45 inches length adjuster.You can adjust the length you like.
  • Khaki & Camo style. Classic look and tough gun sling. The color gives your sling a great personalized look.


Product Features:

  • 【Length and Width】The shotgun ammo sling is adjustable, from 108cm to 155cm (including spring hooks), and the width is 5cm.
  • 【Shotgun Shell Holder】The shotgun sling can hold up to 15 shotgun shells, for 12 gauge, so you can carry shells at all times to avoid to find shells everywhere.
  • 【High-quality Materials】High-quality nylon strap of the 2 point sling is wear-resistant, which can use for a long time. And the elastic shell holder is very strong, which can fix the shells well.
  • 【Sling Swivels】Tri-lock design swivels of the shotgun shell sling, is standard and durable. The swivels are removable, so you can change the them as you like.
  • 【Applicable Scene】Our shotgun sling is lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for outdoor sports.


Product Features:

  • Tactical Tan Cheekrest With Integral Stock Riser + USA FLAG Morale Patch + Detachable Accessory Pouch !
  • Easy And Quick Lace-On Installation
  • Can Be Used For Left Or Right Handed
  • Fits Marlin 22 1895 336 39A 60 795 XT Series Ruger PC4 PC9 Carbine 22 10/22 77/22 Gunsite Scout N0.1 Hawkeye M77 77/22 Mini14 Mini30 American Ranch
  • This item Cannot be Exported Outside the USA


Product Features:

  • 【High Quality】The 2 point rifle sling is made of high quality nylon which is extremely lightweight, durable and comfortable.
  • 【Adjustable Length】The max length of gun sling is 62 inches.
  • 【Extra Wide】1.5 inch extra wide design will increase comfortability when wearing the 2 point sling.
  • 【Upgraded Hook】Upgraded metal hook of the ar sling suit for more sizes of connection.
  • 【Customer Service】We provide lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Buying Guide for Best sling for Marlin XT-22

The Marlin XT-22 is a popular rifle for hunting and target shooting. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced shooters alike. If you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable way to carry your Marlin XT-22, a sling is the perfect solution. Here is a buying guide to help you find the best sling for your Marlin XT-22.

1. Comfort: Comfort is key when selecting a sling for your Marlin XT-22. Look for a sling that is made from a soft, breathable material and has adjustable straps so you can find the perfect fit.

2. Durability: Durability is also important when selecting a sling for your Marlin XT-22. Look for a sling that is made from high-quality materials that won’t wear out easily.

3. Versatility: Look for a sling that can be used for a variety of activities, such as hunting and target shooting. A versatile sling will be able to accommodate your changing needs.

4. Price: Price is an important factor to consider when selecting a sling for your Marlin XT-22. Look for a sling that fits within your budget but is still made from high-quality materials.

5. Weight: Weight is another factor to consider when selecting a sling for your Marlin XT-22. Look for a sling that is lightweight and won’t add too much bulk to your rifle.

By following this buying guide, you should be able to find the perfect sling for your Marlin XT-22. Make sure to take your time and research all your options before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best sling for a Marlin XT-22 rifle?

The best sling for a Marlin XT-22 rifle is the Marlin XT-22 Sling with Swivels. This sling is designed specifically for the XT-22 and features adjustable length and quick-release swivels for easy attachment. It is made from durable nylon webbing and is designed to provide comfortable support and balance when carrying the rifle.

2. What type of sling attachment is best for a Marlin XT-22?

The best type of sling attachment for a Marlin XT-22 is a quick-detach sling swivel. This type of attachment allows you to quickly and easily attach and detach your sling from the rifle, making it ideal for quick transitions between shooting positions. Quick-detach sling swivels also provide a secure connection between the sling and the rifle, ensuring your sling won’t come loose during use.

3. Are there any special considerations when choosing a sling for a Marlin XT-22?

Yes, there are some special considerations to take into account when choosing a sling for a Marlin XT-22. First, you’ll want to make sure the sling is comfortable and adjustable, so that you can adjust it to fit your body and your shooting style. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the sling is strong enough to handle the weight of the rifle, as well as any accessories you may have attached to it. Finally, you’ll want to make sure the sling is weather-resistant, so that it can stand up to the elements when you’re out in the field.

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