BEST scope for Marlin XT-17

Marlin XT-17 is a popular rifle scope among hunters and target shooters alike. It offers a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for a variety of shooting applications. With its rugged construction, superior optics, and adjustable reticle, the XT-17 is a great choice for hunters and target shooters alike. The scope is designed to be lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport and set up. It also features a wide range of magnification options, allowing users to customize their shooting experience. The XT-17 also has a fast-focus eyepiece, which makes it easy to acquire targets quickly. The scope is also waterproof and fog proof, ensuring that it can be used in any weather condition. With its superior optics and adjustable reticle, the Marlin XT-17 is an excellent choice for any shooter looking for a reliable and versatile rifle scope.

Top 10 Best scope for Marlin XT-17 [Editor Picks]


Product Features:

  • Provides an industry standard 1 '' tactical rail for attaching accessories such as shop windows, sights, optics, flashlights, scope rings, etc.
  • Complete with screws and allen key for assembly.
  • Marlin 9, 45, 30AS, 30AW, 36, 62, 93, 336,336C, 375 & 444,1993,1894, 1895 Cowboy, Glenfield 30, Zane Gray & Camp-9 Carbine Marlin 922M & 989, Mossberg 640, Western Field 740
  • Easy to install, it lines up with the holes in your rifle, if you don't have the pre-drilled holes you will have to make your rifle twist.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy bracket with a black anodized finish


Product Features:

  • ✌ Precision Material - Premium out of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and black hard coat anodize finish, sturdy & durable.
  • ✌ Convert 11mm Dovetail to 21mm Picatinny Rail - 2.94 inches length at the base, the picatinny rail extends 3.94 inches allowing for more flexible optics placement.
  • ✌ Mount Base - Fit 11mm dovetail mounts, Base mount 3/8" to 7/8" converter adapter. Low profile 0.59" riser rail for scope.
  • ✌ Top With 9 Slots Weaver Style Rail - Top 21mm picatinny rail allows for the mounting of picatinny or weaver standard scopes, red dots or other accessories.
  • ✌ Easy To Install - Rail adaptor installs easily via dovetail mount and one vertical stop pin, attached allen wrench can help you to tight stable and no shaking!


Product Features:

  • Features Truplex Reticle. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • Parallax correction preset from 50 yards to infinity
  • Rimfire 3/8" dovetail mounting rings included
  • HydroShield coating ensures a clear sight picture
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces simplify adjustments under any conditions


Product Features:

  • Picatinny/Weaver rail mount built specifically for Marlin 336/1894/1895 Series lever action rifles
  • Scope mount installs directly to receiver via the factory mounting holes and included set screws with no additional hardware required
  • Allows for the mounting of Picatinny or Weaver standard scope rings, scope mounts, red dots, or other optics
  • Available in two styles - a 0 MOA mount for zeroing your scope at short to mid range distances and a 20 MOA mount for zeroing your scope at long distances
  • All Monstrum scope mounts and accessories come with a lifetime guarantee


Product Features:

  • Specification: 3-9x40
  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective Diameter: 1.57
  • Exit pupil: 0.2
  • Length: 12.20


Product Features:

  • Green and red illuminations, 5-level brightness available, magnifications from 3X up to 9X, ultimate clarity and superior eyepiece guaranteed.
  • Field of view: 14'-25' @ 100yards; windage & elevation click value: 1/4 MOA 1/4" @ 100yards, 2.7”-3.3” eye relief.
  • Rangefinder reticle provides fast, simple aiming points for various shot distances.
  • Two 1’’ complementary scope rings to be easily mounted onto any 20mm Picatinny or Weaver mount rails.
  • O-ring sealing and nitrogen filled reticle ensures outstanding water and fog-proof performance.


Product Features:

  • Magnification: 3-9x; Length: 8.66"(220mm);Objective Diameter: 40mm; Exit Pupil Diameter: 67.1mm~90.0mm;Eye Relief: 4.2" (106.68mm);F.O.V: 13-38@100yds;Click Value: 1/4MOA
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the rifle scope is durable. Completely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled makes the tactical scope fog and rain proof.
  • 3-9x40 AOE scope creates the parallax free view from 15 yards out to infinity. The focus component with moderate damping allows the scope focus fast and accurately.
  • Red and green illuminated crosshair, 5 levels of brightness setting for each color allow shooters to find the perfect brightness needed for lighting and weather different conditions
  • Coming with the free 20mm scope mount, makes it convenient to install the rifle scope.


Product Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Picatinny-style base and compatible with Picatinny or Weaver scope rings.


Product Features:

  • Adjustable 3-9 times magnification, for targeting out to 600 yards and beyond
  • Fully illuminated MOA reticle with MOA hashmarks for ranging information and inline dial controlled brightness adjustments
  • Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum scope body with a sealed, nitrogen-charged tube for resistance to water and fog
  • Precision 1/4 MOA/click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Package includes Medium Profile Picatinny/Weaver Scope Rings and set of flip-up lens covers


Product Features:

  • Magnification: 6-24x
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Field Of View: 28 ft @ 100 yards
  • Click Value: 1/8 inch @ 100 yards
  • Illuminated Type of the rifle scope: Red and Green

Buying Guide for Best scope for Marlin XT-17

When shopping for the best scope for a Marlin XT-17, there are a few important factors to consider. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the best decision for your needs.

1. Magnification: The magnification of a scope determines how far away you can see, so it’s important to choose one with the right level of magnification for your needs. A higher magnification will allow you to see further, but you may need to adjust the scope to maintain a clear image.

2. Objective Lens: The objective lens is the lens at the front of the scope that collects light. A larger lens will allow more light to enter the scope, resulting in a brighter image.

3. Reticle: The reticle is the crosshairs or aiming point in the scope. Different reticles are available to suit different shooting applications, such as hunting or target shooting.

4. Eye Relief: Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope that allows you to see the full field of view. Longer eye relief is better for shooting from a distance, while shorter eye relief is better for close-range shooting.

5. Durability: Durability is an important factor when choosing a scope. Look for a scope that is made from high-quality materials and has been designed to withstand the elements.

6. Price: Price is always a factor when shopping for a scope. Look for a scope that is within your budget, but also offers the features you need.

By considering these important factors, you can find the best scope for your Marlin XT-17. Take your time to research different scopes and compare features to find the one that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best scope for a Marlin XT-17 rifle?


The best scope for a Marlin XT-17 rifle would depend on the specific shooting application. For general hunting, a 3-9x40mm scope with a wide field of view and adjustable magnification is a great option. For more precise shooting, such as target shooting, a 4-16x50mm scope with a side focus parallax adjustment would be ideal. Ultimately, the best scope for the Marlin XT-17 rifle will depend on the individual shooter’s preferences and needs.

2. What features should I look for when choosing a scope for a Marlin XT-17 rifle?

When choosing a scope for a Marlin XT-17 rifle, it is important to consider the following features:

1. Magnification: Look for a scope with sufficient magnification to suit your needs. A 4-12x or 3-9x magnification range is generally a good choice for the Marlin XT-17.

2. Objective Lens Size: The objective lens size should be large enough to allow for a clear, bright sight picture. A 40-50mm size is a good choice for the Marlin XT-17.

3. Reticle: Choose a reticle that is suitable for the type of shooting you will be doing. A duplex reticle is a good choice for general hunting, while a mil-dot or other tactical reticle may be better for precision shooting.

4. Eye Relief: Look for a scope with adequate eye relief. A minimum of 3-4 inches is recommended for the Marlin XT-17.

5. Durability: Make sure the scope is constructed from durable materials and is waterproof and fogproof.

6. Mounts: Choose a scope with mounts that are compatible with your rifle.

3. What type of magnification is best for a Marlin XT-17 rifle?


The best type of magnification for a Marlin XT-17 rifle depends on the type of shooting you plan to do. For general target shooting, a scope with 4x to 9x magnification is ideal. For longer range shooting, a scope with 10x to 20x magnification will provide a more precise aiming point.

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