BEST Red Dot for Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is one of the most popular shotguns on the market today. It is a reliable, powerful, and versatile weapon that is used by many law enforcement and military personnel. It is also popular among civilian shooters for its versatility and reliability. When it comes to choosing the best red dot for your Benelli M4, there are a variety of options available. Red dot sights are a great way to improve your accuracy and speed when shooting. They provide a more precise aiming point than iron sights and allow you to acquire targets quickly. There are a wide variety of red dot sights available, ranging from basic models to high-end, feature-rich models. In this article, we will discuss the best red dot for Benelli M4 and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Buying Guide for Best Red Dot for Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun used by law enforcement and military personnel around the world. It is known for its reliability and accuracy, making it a great choice for hunting, competition shooting, and home defense. When it comes to choosing the best red dot for your Benelli M4, there are a few factors to consider.

Durability: The Benelli M4 is a reliable and durable shotgun, so you want a red dot that can stand up to the same level of performance. Look for a red dot that is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. This will ensure that your red dot can handle the recoil of the Benelli M4 and still perform reliably.

Reticle: The reticle is the pattern or shape of the red dot that you will be aiming with. Different reticles offer different advantages, so it’s important to choose one that is best suited for your shooting style and needs. Some popular reticles include the 3 MOA Dot, the 6 MOA Dot, and the Circle Dot.

Battery Life: Red dot sights require batteries to operate, so you want to make sure that you choose one with a long battery life. Look for a red dot with a battery life of at least 500 hours, as this will ensure that you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery too often.

Mount: The mount is the part that attaches the red dot to the Benelli M4. Make sure to choose a mount that is compatible with your shotgun and that is easy to install and adjust.

Price: Red dot sights can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget and the features that you need before making a purchase.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when choosing the best red dot for your Benelli M4. With the right red dot, you will be able to enjoy improved accuracy, faster target acquisition, and greater overall performance.

Top 10 Best Red Dot for Benelli M4 [Editor Picks]


Product Features:

  • Tubeless design with 40mm reflex lens aperture provides quick target acquisition, also a wider field of view to maintain situational awarenes.
  • 4 Selectable reticles and 5 brightness settings. Low power consumption for long battery life.
  • Integrated mount for standard 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rails which will not loose, made to last.
  • Parallax corrected & unlimited eye-relief. Fully adjustable height, brightness, windage and elevation. Where the dot goes, so does the bullet!
  • Made of high grade aluminum alloy which makes the red dot sight durable and light weight.


Product Features:

  • SAFE: Class IIIA laser,Output power less than 5mW.
  • LONG RANG: The visible range of laser is as far as 100 yds, the straight red laser beam is easier to identify. and to help you adjust the scope and sight quickly and accurately.
  • LONG LIFE: Equipped with 2 sets of batteries(6pcs),double the service time.
  • EASY TO USE: Fastest gun zeroing and sighting device, you just place the boresighter in the chamber simply.
  • SAVING: Adjustments to sight in your scopes & sights without firing any ammo. You don’t need to use the extra ammo for honing shooting skills.


Product Features:

  • Tubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture provides a wide field of view, suitable for rapid-firing or shooting of moving targets besides normal shooting
  • Dual illuminated ( red and green);4 reticle shapes in one reflex sight, provide various choices in different occasions, like sunshine, cloudy day.
  • Parallax corrected & unlimited eye-relief, improving the accuracy of holographic sights. Allen head screw type windage and elevation click adjustments, with locking screw, easy to adjust zero and hold well.
  • The red dot sight is precision machined from high grade aluminum alloy with a matte black anodized, includes standard profile Picatinny mounting base. Reflex sight with fully multi-coated lenses provides bright and clear views for the user.
  • Screen Size: 22mmx33mm;Weight: 130g; Item Dimensions:3.15in*1.37in*2.08in(8cm*3.5cm*5.3cm)


Product Features:

  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Package Dimensions: 29.464 L x 8.636 W x 4.318 H (centimeters)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Package Weight: 0.65 pounds


Product Features:

  • LOW SYNC/RMR mount for Benelli guns puts your Trijicon RMR where it belongs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: machined to be the lightest optic mounting solution for Benelli tactical guns
  • COMPATIBLE: Trijicon RM01, RM02, RM03, RM04, RM05, RM06, RM07, RM08, RM09
  • PERFECTLY FITS: Benelli M (from 2 to 4), Vinci Tactical, Super Black Eagle II, Super Black Eagle III
  • Also INCLUDES Nylok treated sight screws and rail screws


Product Features:

  • Featuring a multi-coated lenses which provide a clean, bright and unobscured point of view. Crisp 2MOA Red Dot for precision aiming both-eyes-open shooting. Unlimited eye relief for rapid target acquisition.
  • Digital push-button brightness and power controls. 10 brightness settings. Memorized function which means it remembers last used brightness settings when powered on.
  • Equipped with auto power awake / off feature. Powers up when it senses motion and auto off when it senses not motion in 1 hour. Gives thousands of hours battery life on a single battery.
  • Provides 2 base mounting options - Low Profile and Absolute Co-witness. Turret caps feature a built-in adjustment tool for Elevation/Windage adjustment.
  • Durable hard-coat anodization provides a low-glare matte surface and helps camouflage position. Certified up to 800G’s recoil impact. Come with flip up lens caps and anti-reflection device.


Product Features:

  • Reticle allows for 4 different styles. Dot, Circle/Dot, Crosshair/Dot, Crosshair/Circle/Dot combinations. All in one sight!
  • A 33mm lens provides quick target acquisition. Wide field of view to maintain situational awareness.
  • Very sturdy and secure rail mounting system. Will not come loose, made to last.
  • Parallax corrected & unlimited eye-relief, where the dot goes, so does the bullet!
  • Ultralight, waterproof and shockproof - Powered one 3V lithium battery (included).


Product Features:

  • Longer Effective Range: Magnifier and red dot are designed for increase your effective shooting range. This optics magnifier adds 1.5X - 5X variable magnification to your standard red dot sight and maintains an expansive field of view with a comfortable 2.2-3.6 inches eye relief.
  • High Accuracy: red dot sight allows for accurate, both-eyes-open shooting. 5 red dot brightness settings provide optimal visibility in any light conditions. 4 different pattern reticles to meet various needs.
  • Absolute Co-Witness: Reflex sight with Picatinny rail mount and magnifier with Flip to Side Mount Focus Adjustment, Absolute Co-witness with A2 front sight.
  • Fast focus: 40mm reflex lens provides quick target acquisition, also a wider field of view to maintain situational awareness. Parallax corrected & unlimited eye-relief. For magnifier, focus adjustment on the eyepiece provides fast focus ability that helps keep the image sharp clear.
  • Durable & Compatible: Tough & shockproof, the hard-coat-anodized machined-aluminum construction ensures durability. Made of high grade aluminum alloy which makes the red dot sight durable and light weight.


Product Features:

  • Attention! an O ring for the battery cover is not required or included instead, a longer battery plug is used to protect the battery
  • Attention! This red dot is not meant for pistols with slide cuts, it is meant for mil-spec 1913 rail mounting only and is a full sized red dot, not a mini red dot.
  • Four sighting reticle shapes for more options
  • 1x Type Red Dot & Green Dot Sight scope, LR44 batteries- 1x Instruction Manual- Allen Wrench- 1x Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Objective aperture: 40mm, Field of view: 15.8@100m, Product dimensions: 92mm x 43mm x 59mm


Product Features:

  • 3-4 MOA, 11 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGs, MULTI-COATED AMBER LENS WITH 1” RISER: 3-4 MOA red dot sight allows for accurate, both-eyes-open shooting. 11 red dot brightness settings provide optimal visibility in any light conditions. Multi-coated, scratch resistant amber lens provides enhanced image clarity. 1’’ riser mount brings 1/3 lower co-witness for more open view.
  • WATERPROOF, SHOCKPROOF, SCRATCH RESISTANT AND STEALTHY: Fully waterproof with sealed housing. Shockproof circuitry resists damage from rough handling. Matte black anodized finish resists scratches while keeping a stealthy profile.
  • PARALLAX FREE: With the parallax-free design, the reflex sight scope follows the movement of the users' eye while remaining fixed on the target, eliminating any need for centering.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Weighing merely 120 grams, the red dot sight allows easy operation and convenient transport.
  • 50,000 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: Genuine CR2032 Lithium battery (INCLUDED) stands up to 50,000 hours at the lowest brightness setting; Laser class II, Laser power less than 5mW.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best red dot for Benelli M4 is the Trijicon RMR Type 2. This red dot is designed to be extremely durable and reliable, and it offers a wide variety of features and customization options. It is also designed to be easy to mount and use, making it a great choice for Benelli M4 owners who are looking for a reliable and accurate red dot sight. With its great features and reliability, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 is the best red dot for Benelli M4 owners.

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